The Cost of replacing staff



The cost to replace a salaried employee is 6-9 months of their salary. 


 The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimate the cost to replace a salaried employee is 6-9 months of their salary.

Based on the UK's average salary of £29,600, we can estimate that the average staff turnover costs between £14,800 and £22,200 per employee.

This estimate does not include unfair dismissal or illegal hiring activities, which can incur massive legal fees and fines.

So how can we help limit staff turnover..............


Different background checks for Employers to potentially do:


 Right to work - For ALL employees before they start work

 DBS check - Basic checks are recommended at a minimum for all staff. Standard and enhanced checks are required by law if the employee will be working with vulnerable adults and/or children

 Credit check - If the role is within the financial industry or the employee will be handling monies, financial data, or similar

 Referencing - For ALL employees. Used to clarify and confirm employment and educational history

 DVLA check - For all employees who will be driving on behalf of the company (even if it is their own vehicle)International sanctions search

 Social media screening - If the employer requires more behavioural information about the candidate which is not revealed during the interview process

 Psychometrics Test / Behavioural / Personality Analysis - Becoming very popular to hire individuals especially Senior Candidates within the Recruitment market

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