Government Retrain - Our Associate Director takes the Quiz


So...... I have taken the Government Retrain quiz.....and I have to say I found it fascinating.

I remember at College, you would spend some time with a 'Career Councillor'; what you wanted to do when you went into adulthood and the career choices available - you would discuss your traits, aspirations etc.

This Quiz I found 100 times more effective than what I received when taking advice from a 'Career Councillor' but the results certainly threw up some interesting choices if I were to Retrain.


So.....the most popular Retrain choices for me were:


* Criminal intelligence analyst (love the sound of this one)

* Archaeologists (hmmmmmm....)

* Football referee (tougher job than people think - I have refereed before)

* Microbrewer (this could be dangerous)

* Soldier (I almost joined the Army before going to College)

* Magistrate (interesting - I used to love watching Judge Judy)

* Insurance loss adjuster (I do like my facts and figures)

* Actor (Eastenders here we come !)

* Massage therapist (I can see that.....????)


Try it yourself - link below:

Government Retrain Quiz


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